Thursday, June 28, 2007

Share Your Dean Ericksen Stories

It's funny how this group of people got together. When Dean Ericksen began publishing a blog recently, a group of people he had exploited, hypnotized, and psychologically terrorized found each other on the same internet where he was now spewing his venoms to thousands of unwitting readers and "web surfers."

By our calculations, Dean Ericksen has broken seven of the ten commandments in the last twelve months alone! Perhaps he broke one on you or around you. We will be publishing a new story about Dean every day. Please send us your stories! Unfortunately, most of the stories we've received so far are so unsavory, and flat out depressing that we just don't have the heart to print them. Even hinting at some of the stories could land us in front of a grand jury. We'll do what we can. Let's hear from you.

Editors, Dean Ericksen's worst nightmare